Aging Hands / Hand Rejuvenation

Hands can be an age giveaway, but they don’t have to be.

Even if you have taken steps to keep your face and neck looking youthful, wrinkled, sun-damaged, veiny hands can make you look older than you are. Hands are one of the first places where the telltale signs of aging become apparent.

When to Consider Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

At MD TLC™, Dr. Quibell takes into consideration the “3T’s” when deciding on a custom treatment plan for your aging hands.

Tone – Do your hands have age spots? Could you benefit from improved skin tone and color?

Texture – How is the appearance of your hands? Is there a crepey texture to your skin that could be addressed?

Tightness – Is there laxity to the skin due to volume loss? Are veins and tendons prominently displayed on the backs of your hands?


There are a variety of options available to address tone, texture and tightness and Dr. Quibell will be customize a unique multi-layered plan specifically tailored for you utilizing all the tools at her disposal. Laser devices, dermal fillers, topical products and Laser or IPL treatments may all be tapped to address your desire for hands that appear more youthful.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments & Procedures Overview

LASER THERAPY can be used to address tone, texture and tightness through a variety of devices available at MD TLC™. As the Vice President of the American Board of Laser Surgery, Dr. Quibell is passionate about having a full range of aesthetic lasers available to her. This ensures she can treat your condition with the correct laser…not just treat you with the only laser that the practice has.

DERMAL FILLERS, like FDA-approved Radiesse, can be injected beneath the skin, replenishing volume and addressing laxity and absence of tightness by bringing a plumping the back of hands. Dermal fillers can raise the skin level, filling in volume loss around tendons and veins. This provides durable, safe and longer lasting rejuvenation.

INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) can be an effective way to treat skin tone and discoloration. This non-invasive treatment performed to reduce the appearance of age spots and sun damage on the hands. With regular IPL maintenance treatments, blemishes on the skin will fade, leaving hands with a more youthful appearance and texture.

Fractional Resurfacing or PicoSure Skin treatments are excellent technologies to address texture on the skin improving collagen and elastin.

CHEMICAL PEELS may be recommended to address tone and texture on your hands. This topical treatment can be used to treat fine lines, skin discoloration, age spots or sun damage depending on your unique concerns.


Whether it is tone, texture, tightness or all three you are looking to address, Dr. Quibell finds the most success with layering, or combining, different treatments.  During your one-on-one consultation, you will learn more about the best treatment plan for you. If you are in good health and have a positive attitude with realistic expectations, you are most likely a great candidate for hand rejuvenation at MD TLC™.

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