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Medical Aesthetics

With Perfectly Natural Results

At MD TLC™, we believe that beauty comes from the artist, not the paint. In applying this concept to aesthetic laser treatments and injectables, we rely on expertise and care to accentuate your natural beauty. Women and men in the Wellesley area can take advantage of our premier medical, laser and aesthetic treatments for the body, neck, and face.

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Injectable & Laser Training:

Dr. Dianne Quibell provides hands-on laser and injectable training to MDs, PAs, RNs, and NPs.

PicoSure® Pro

Skin Revitalization

Introducing the remarkable PicoSure® Pro laser system - a cutting-edge picosecond laser designed for all skin types. With its revolutionary Focus lens, PicoSure® Pro can remove unwanted pigment and improve skin tone & texture. If you have unwanted tattoos or visible scars on your face or body, this treatment is the perfect choice! Embrace a more rejuvenated you with the power of PicoSure® Pro.

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RF Microneedling

Lift and firm your skin with the FDA-approved Potenza™ RF microneedling treatment. Potenza™ is unique because it has feedback monitoring to make sure that the heat is safe and effective, and it comes in several modes which make it safe for dark skin and acne scars. The device’s fusion tip allows us to drive in topicals that enhance your results, boosting both elastin and collagen.

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Tixel® Skin Rejuvenation

Discover the cutting-edge in non-invasive skin transformation with Tixel® skin rejuvenation. Harnessing the potent force of thermal energy, this innovative device is your key to restoring complexion and undoing the effects of photoaging. In mere moments, shorter than your lunch break, experience treatments that yield enduring results. It’s time to unlock the secret to radiant, revitalized skin with Tixel®. At MD TLC™, we really love Tixel® for firming and tightening the skin above and below the eyes!

Dr. Dianne Quibell

World-renowned Aesthetic Laser Surgeon & Mixologist

Dr. Dianne Quibell is an internationally recognized cosmetic laser surgeon, the Vice President of the American Board of Laser Surgery, and a Coordinator & Faculty member of IMCAS, International Master Class of Aging Science, the largest global organization for aesthetic practitioners. With 23+ years of laser aesthetic experience and a background as an internal medicine physician, she is passionate about the MD TLC™ philosophy. She firmly believes in educating and showing compassion for the patient before and after treatment. As a trainer, Dr. Quibell has trained over 550 people in aesthetic lasers and injectables.

Dr. Quibell is known for being a “laser mixologist.” At MD TLC™, we do not sell packages. Every person is so beautifully different. If you’re looking to get a laser treatment on your face or body, Dr. Quibell will examine the current situation and goal and will then create your own personalized plan using different lasers and tools to get to your solution. Each plan is called an Energy Blend, because it is the concoction Dr. Quibell creates with you!

Dr. Dianne Quibell
Dr. Dianne Quibell
Flo Goshgarian

Flo Goshgarian

President and Owner of MD TLC™

Flo Goshgarian takes great pride in representing the company with world-class physicians. Before she started her business, she suffered from many serious medical issues, making her a self-described “professional patient”. Today, she is a professional entrepreneur and the proud owner of MD TLC™.

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Jyl Dedier

Jyl Dedier


Jyl has been a nurse for 31 years. The majority of her nursing career has been in oncology. Three years ago Jyl entered the aesthetic/ laser world. She calls this her “fun job” because she enjoys helping her clients feel beautiful. “There’s no better job!”

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Dr. Quibell brings a highly sought level of experience and training as a stand out provider in her industry for artfully delivering the aesthetic results you wish to achieve. With a wide selection of fillers and neuromodulators, one consult with Dr. Quibell will put you on the path to a more youthful and fresh appearance.

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Enhance your look through the wonders of dermal fillers—an extraordinary solution that restores volume, smooths away wrinkles, and accentuates your inherent contours. Step into a world where your rejuvenated and revitalized appearance becomes a beacon of confidence and vitality.

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Dermal Fillers

Enhance your look through the wonders of dermal fillers—an extraordinary solution that restores volume, smooths away wrinkles, and accentuates your inherent contours. Step into a world where your rejuvenated and revitalized appearance becomes a beacon of confidence and vitality.

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Laser & Energy Devices

Dr. Quibell is best known for combining multiple laser and energy devices in a single treatment called “Energy Blend” to target your specific concerns. Typical devices used on Energy Blend are PicoSure® Pro, ICON™ IPL, Potenza™, Tixel®, and chemical peels.

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Wellesley’s Concierge Medicine Specialist

As a primary care physician for over 30 years. Dr. Quibell provides a members-only concierge medicine program for patients who wish to receive exceptional medical care with a one-on-one approach.

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Exosomes & Peptides

Experience the future of skincare with BENEV and Elevai Exosome treatments, the most cutting edge scientific biotech breakthrough for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Exosomes are pivotal for cell communication, RNA exchange, and protein facilitation among various cell types. They also transport growth factors, cytokines, and genetic materials that are recognized for their potential in tissue repair and enhancing skin cells.

Experience the power of exosome treatments as they facilitate skin transformation, embodying the science of rejuvenation and revitalization. Dr. Quibell may recommend this treatment as part of your Energy Blend, depending on your current situation and goals.

Real Life Stories

Five Star review all the way around!

Great customer service from the front desk to the medical staff. Everyone smiles and seems to be happy, I truly feel it all stems from the top. I get the sense that everyone loves working there, which makes a big difference as far as customer service is concerned. The doctor also has a great bedside manner and is extremely easy and pleasant to deal with. Dr. Quibell puts you at ease and always makes you feel welcome. What I love the most is that she truly enjoys spending time with you explaining each procedure. You leave the office with the full knowledge of what is to be done and the feeling of confidence that it will be done to the utmost perfection. My reflection in the mirror is testimonial to me and those who see me.

I personally had liposuction done to my upper arms and to this day, 8 years later, am still extremely happy with the results. Prior to receiving Botox and filler injections, Dr. Quibell spent quality time explaining each procedure and what I was to expect. To say that I was amazed at the outcome would be an understatement. Most people think I am 20 years younger than my true age and I don’t plan to divulge this information anytime soon.”

Today I just got done my 2nd of my 3 RadioFrequency Microneedling session. After just one session I have seen results with my skin texture/tone and specifically smaller pour size. I look forward to seeing the results in a few days post 2nd treatment and the final results after session 3. I am by nature an anxious person and Dr. Dianne Quibell is so down to early she calms my nerves. Her staff from the worker at the front desk to her assistant who helps during the procedure are all so welcoming and professional and explain everything step by step. Her office is clean and comfortable. I strongly recommend if you are interested in improving your appearance to book a consult and see the services she provides! - Michael

I was referred to Doctor Quibell for a consultation for heavy dark circles under my eyes. We had an initial meeting and she was very thorough to come up with the best solution. She suggested filler for under my eyes. I set up my first appointment and had 3 viles total 1 and 1/2 under each eye. The results were amazing. My final follow up was for her to check the progress of the filler and how it set in after a couple of weeks. She tweaked the procedure with 1 vile injecting 1/2 under each eye. She said the filler should last about 1 year and then if I keep up with the filler each year the results will remain as they look today. I have received numerous compliments of the results. In fact, many have said I look 10 years younger.

Dr. Quibell & her staff make you feel very comfortable and they are very friendly and caring. I received a follow up call the next afternoon to check in on how I was feeling. I don't live that close to her office, but I would highly recommend Dr. Quibell and tell you it will be well worth it if you do have a bit of ride. I wouldn't trust anyone else, especially when it comes to your face and most importantly, eyes. I guarantee, whatever procedure you see her for, you will not be disappointed!!! - Sherry

We men are vain, we don't like to admit it, or talk about it, but we are. Being a man of a certain age, 50's, it was time to freshen up my appearance. My criteria list when seeking a doctor was short: Trust, competent, I wanted a natural look, and a friendly team/office environment. I lucked out completely when I met Dr. Quibell and her amazing team. Gaby is friendly, works hard to accommodate my schedule, and always greets me warmly when I walk in or call. Ali and Kerri, assistants to Dr. Quibell, are very competent, friendly, and they put me at ease during my procedures. Dr Quibell is the best! I have visited 3 or 4 doctors before her, all good, but she's better. She is extremely competent, friendly, great bedside manner, smart, knows her stuff, knows what I want and absolutely delivers.

I have been getting Dysport for a few years and recently had my first fillers procedure for under my eyes. I was nervous as I wanted to look natural as possible, just as I do with Dysport, but I trust Dr. Quibell and knew she would take great care of me and she did, her entire staff did. I am thrilled with my results. People notice I look different, better, but they can't place it, and that is exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for a doctor and a team you can trust that delivers amazing results, look no further than Dr. Quibell and her awesome team! - Jamie

Dr. Quibell is truly incredible. Her years of experience and expertise show through the recommended treatments and the skincare she provides. I have been suffering for so many years from sun spots and I was told that I simply have to live with them. Not what Dr. Quibell did! Although I have an olive tone and sensitive tricky skin, she was able to help me look and feel younger in one single visit.

Dr. Quibell has truly exceeded my expectations! I’m so happy with the results as I’m finally loving my skin. Thank you Dr. Quibell for helping me feel amazing. Over the years I’ve worked with many doctors overseas and here and I can honestly say that Dr. Quibell is one of a kind in all aspects and measures. Her team also operates at a different level of care and attentiveness, they are fantastic! - Arwa

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Quibell and her team for an early “happy birthday to me” refresh :) I left with so much more than gorgeous, plump lips and youthful glow! After many hours squinting in front of a computer screen combined with the welcoming of my 30’s i was excited for the right of passage a little Botox can be but it was there in Dr. Q’s office that I realized this was a little more. I shared with her and her team that a recent injury to my left eye had really been bothering me, the empathy and reassurance shown to me transformed my visit into that of a cathartic experience- one i did not know i needed so much. The “pep” has surely been put back in my step and i couldn’t be happier with my results to which were CUSTOM TAILORED to that of my natural structure.

In a world filled with cookie cutter, cutsie/ “influencer” brand practices - my results are absolutely breathtaking and unique to MY features which Dr. W was so excited to point out and accentuate for me (holy confidence boost!) I obviously and very highly recommend Dr. Quibell, her medical assistant Kerri, partner Flo and the SWEETEST office manager, Ali! I look forward to being a lifelong client :) - Kayla