How does MD TLC™ treat spider veins?

Broken blood vessels become visible when your veins enlarge or dilate beneath the skin’s surface. You will notice small, red lines that spread out and form a web shape, hence the name spider veins. While they commonly develop on the face and legs, they can appear anywhere on the body.

While this skin condition isn’t harmful to your body, it is completely understandable for one to want to remove these unsightly lines from his or her skin. The treatment options at MD TLC™ include:

Photo of spider veins on a woman's leg

Why choose ICON™?

The ICON™ laser uses fractional resurfacing technology to deeply penetrate the top layer of your skin without damaging it. Throughout the procedure, an array of high-precision microbeams will be delivered to your skin, creating deep, narrow columns of skin coagulation. Not only does this laser improve your issues, but it also promotes collagen production over time. After your visit, your skin will gradually begin to repair itself, and younger, healthier skin will replace the damaged area.

What causes spider veins to develop?

Spider veins develop when blood has difficulty flowing in the right direction. This indicates a weak valve and causes blood to pool and branch out, causing that “web” appearance. Changes in weather, sun exposure, rosacea, pregnancy, injuries, alcohol consumption, and genetics can all cause broken blood vessels.

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