How does MD TLC™ address jawline definition?

When you look at a top 10 list of celebrities ranked for attractiveness, you’ll notice that they all have something in common: jawline definition.

The most common reason to get any sort of chin enhancement is to correct what’s known as a “recessive” or “weak” chin. If your jawline or chin is a bit undefined, then you may be able to enhance with dermal fillers. If your facial profile is asymmetrical, a chin augmentation procedure can help give your facial structure a more harmonious appearance.

To change the chin or jawline, dermal fillers are injected and then molded into a shape that compliments the natural contours of the face. The fillers can make the chin appear more chiseled, a common request from male patients, or create softer contours, as requested by many women. Our treatment options include:

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Why Choose MD TLC™?

Whether your chin has become less prominent as a result of aging or weight fluctuations or your jawline has asymmetries that you would like to correct, chin augmentation is a top procedure that patients travel from around the country to MD TLC™ for. Dr. Quibell is a specialist in addressing weak chins and is passionate about creating harmonious balance in your facial features.

When you opt for revolumizing with fillers in your chin and jawline, Dr. Quibell will typically inject small amounts of dermal fillers – often Radiesse, Juvederm and/or Restylane – into the lower third of your face to help redefine natural contours or create new structure, if needed. All patients are pretreated with a topical anesthetic cream to desensitize the skin.

If you are anxious, take advantage of PRO-NOX, a patient-controlled inhaled gas that reduces anxiety and pain. The length of time this procedure will last will be discussed with you during your one-on-one consultation, although most fillers in this area of the face are indicated to last up to nine – twelve months.

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