What is SoME® PRP Skincare?

MD TLC™ now offers customized SoME® Skincare! SoME® is a rejuvenating topical skincare product that uses a proprietary blend of ingredients combined by your physician with your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to give you a truly personalized cosmetic experience. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains growth factors and proteins that stimulate your natural collagen and elastin for visibly renewed firmness and luminosity. 

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Why choose SoME® at MD TLC™?

SoME® PRP Skincare provides a number of amazing benefits:

  • Repairs and renews skin
  • Long-lasting hydration of the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
  • Reduces the visible signs of facial aging
  • Refines skin texture & tone
  • Improves dryness
  • Improves the appearance of skin discoloration

Can I use SoME® PRP Skincare if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, SoME® Skincare has been determined to be safe for sensitive skin, as indicated by the industry-standard irritation testing conducted by Aesthetics Biomedical®.

What can I expect during treatments?

During treatments, Dr. Quibell will draw a small amount of your blood, and then through a quick and easy on-site centrifugation process, your very own platelet rich plasma is used to create your own personalized SoME® Skincare treatment.

When will I see results?

Continued use of SoME® Skincare products is key to experiencing enhanced results! While everyone’s skin varies, it’s worth noting that some of our patients have reported immediate improvements!

Schedule SoME® PRP Skincare in Wellesley, MA

SoME® PRP Skincare is a revolutionary treatment that can do wonders for your skin. If you’re interested in a natural option, this treatment may be just what you’re looking for. Learn more today by scheduling an appointment at MD TLC™ in Wellesley. You can request your consultation by filling out the form below or calling us at (781) 431-0002.

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