How does MD TLC™ treat crepey skin?

Changes in skin texture are an inevitable part of life. An area of concern that many patients have is crepey skin. After age thirty, every increase in decade, our bodies produce 10-20% less collagen and less elastin resulting in reduced moisture, firmness, and suppleness. These unwelcome changes in our skin can result in deep sources of insecurity for many of us.

Depending on the area of concern, Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers may be used to plump and hydrate the area. Another option includes gentle lasers designed to renew the skin by stimulating collagen production. For larger areas, radio frequency treatments can help tighten and improve skin laxity on most areas of the body.

Our treatment options include:

Photo of crepey skin on a woman's neck

Why does crepey skin develop?

In addition to age, crepey skin can also be caused by losing a significant amount of weight and/or sun damage. To address this concern in her patients, Dr. Quibell may employ one or even a combination of treatments.

Where on the body does it usually develop?

This unmistakable parched, thin, and sagging skin can occur anywhere on the body. For many of our patients, crepey skin becomes a significant concern when it occurs under the eyes, on the neck and décolleté area because this skin is the most visible.

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The good news is that no one needs to simply accept the changes that come about with age. At MD TLC™, we are fully stocked with the latest aesthetic products and technology to keep you looking and feeling your best. To get a custom treatment plan that is right for you, request an appointment by filling out the form below or calling (781) 431-0002.

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