What is Tixel® skin rejuvenation?

Are you struggling with the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation on your skin? Tixel® skin rejuvenation is the latest non-invasive device designed to improve skin complexion and reverse photoaging damage. Treatments can be performed in little time – taking less than your lunch break – and the results are long-lasting. Schedule your appointment at MD TLC™ to learn more.

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How does Tixel® work?

Instead of using lasers or radiofrequency (RF), Tixel® uses thermal energy. During the treatment, the Tixel® handpiece will be used to apply natural heat directly to the skin. A facial treatment typically lasts around 20 minutes. The treatment is radiation-free, and there is no smoke, bleeding, or skin charring. Analgesic cream may not be required at low/medium settings as the treatment is generally well tolerated.

What does Tixel® skin rejuvenation address?

Tixel® can be a good solution for treating delicate facial skin. If you have wrinkles or pigmentation around the periorbital, eyelids, neck, and décolleté, this treatment may be a great option. Tixel® is suitable for patients from different age groups and skin types and can be performed all year round.

Does skin rejuvenation work?

Skin rejuvenation is an excellent method for gradually improving the skin. Unlike surgical treatment, this process doesn’t cause radical changes, but rather subtly renews your look. This method is especially effective for those who want a low effort, minimal commitment, and little-to-no downtime option for enhancing the youth of their skin.

What results can I expect?

Tixel® treatments result in noticeable improvements in skin texture and complexion, a younger look, and a reduction in wrinkles and superficial pigmentation. A treatment program usually includes 3-4 treatment sessions with a one-month interval between each session.

Before and after photos

Before and after Tixel® results

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