What are exosomes?

Introducing the newest natural skincare innovation: Exosomes. This cutting-edge serum complex elevates cell-to-cell communication and fosters complete skin rejuvenation. These treatments swiftly address pigmentation concerns, minimize wrinkles, and boost skin hydration, accelerating your journey to beautiful results and a more radiant you. AT MD TLC™, we use BENEV and Elevai during treatments.

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How do the treatments work?

Exosomes play a crucial role in enabling cell-to-cell communication and mediating the exchange of RNA and essential proteins among cells. Additionally, they transport a wide array of growth factors, cytokines, and genetic materials that contribute to tissue repair and enhance the functionality of skin cells. Leveraging these data-containing entities, we’ve integrated them into our innovative line of exosome products, aimed at fostering a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Am I a candidate?

Exosome treatments are generally suitable for a wide range of individuals. These substances have the potential to support the body’s innate healing processes, stimulate cell regeneration, and facilitate tissue repair, making them beneficial for both skincare and addressing specific medical concerns. Nevertheless, optimal candidates often include those in good overall health without pre-existing medical conditions and who do not smoke, as these factors can enhance the safety of the treatments. The MD TLC™ team will assess your eligibility for these treatments during your consultation.

What can I expect during treatments?

Exosomes are typically administered following microneedling or laser procedures. In your treatment session, your skin will be numbed beforehand, and then the microneedling or laser device will be applied to your skin. The specific procedure may vary depending on the chosen device, but in any case, these treatments are less invasive than surgery and generally involve minimal to no downtime. While the device is actively working, the BENEV or Elevai solution will be applied to your skin. It’s worth noting that the exosome complex can also be applied following treatment with a radiofrequency or fractional laser device.

What can I expect from the results?

Exosomes have the potential to boost and accelerate the outcomes of your treatments. These serums are designed as complementary enhancements, which means they should be used in conjunction with procedures like laser treatments or microneedling. The effectiveness of your treatments will vary based on the specific device you select, and if desired, sessions can be repeated to further enhance your initial results. Dr. Quibell will provide personalized recommendations for the number of sessions required during your initial consultation.


Elevate your skin’s radiance with the potent benefits of BENEV and Elevai Exosomes. These cutting-edge serums can magnify the beauty of your skin, providing you with expedited and more substantial results. Book your appointment today by completing the form below or reaching out to us at (781) 431-0002.

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