How does MD TLC™ provide fat reduction?

Have you ever slipped on your favorite jeans only to find that they no longer fit? Excess fat is an issue most adults have dealt with and trying to find new ways to shed weight and reduce trouble areas is a goal most of us have on our to-do list. Perhaps you have tried the latest fad diets, supplements and exercise regimens but still don’t feel happy with the way your body looks. We understand how frustrating fat reduction can be.

Up until recently fat reduction through medical procedures was not easy. Traditional liposuction, while ultra-effective for fat loss, requires invasive surgery and serious downtime. Here at MD TLC™, Dr. Quibell is proud to offer patients with the latest, most-advanced methods of fat reduction, including both minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments, helping you get the results you seek with the least amount of downtime.

Regardless of where you would like to see a fat reduction on your body, Dr. Quibell can address your concerns with one of the following options:

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What is SculpSure® laser-based fat reduction?

SculpSure® is a completely non-invasive body sculpting treatment that treats stubborn fat in a 25-minute treatment! This incredible technology safely addresses fat underneath the chin, anywhere on the midsection, on the back or on the thighs.

What is laser-assisted liposuction?

Our SmartLipo and SlimLipo lasers remove fat from problem areas and require significantly lower downtimes than conventional liposuction. These treatments work by liquefying fat cells, which are then removed from the area through a small incision. As a bonus, these treatments also stimulate new collagen production to revitalize skin. Laser body sculpting can help you achieve smoother and firmer results without the need for surgical liposuction.

Schedule non-surgical fat reduction in Wellesley, MA

We all want to feel healthy and look slim, not to mention easily fit into our favorite clothes, and yet, even with the proper diet and exercise regimen, slimming the tummy, thighs, double chin or getting rid of those bothersome love handles can feel impossible. And the truth is, many healthy individuals still have areas of their body they would love to slim down. The good news is that there is no need to keep struggling.

If you are interested in fat reduction treatments, contact our office today to schedule a consultation!

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Please note: If you are a first-time patient at MD TLC™, we have you come in for an initial consultation. This is a great one-on-one with Dr. Quibell where she’ll recommend services and treatments to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Initial consultations are $100, but that amount will be applied towards your treatment.


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