Thin Lips

Your lips say a lot about you, even when you’re not speaking. Full, plump lips are often considered by many as the aesthetic ideal to strive for. However, over time our faces (including our lips) lose volume, plumpness and definition. One of the contributing factors of this volume loss is the reduced production of hyaluronic acid, a naturally found component in your skin.

When it comes to treating thin lips, the go-to procedure is injecting hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. For full correction or lip enhancement, MD TLC™ chooses dermal fillers that are the safest, FDA approved products that offer the best results for voluptuous lips.

More important than the choice of filler is your choice of the person who is going to inject your lips. Remember, your physician or injector is not simply “blowing up your lips”. There are specific landmarks and highlights that your injector needs to target, to ensure your lip enhancement gives you an outcome that is a natural, attractive you.

It is essential that the upper and lower lips are balanced and to consider correcting the “cupids bow” and philtral columns for natural appearing lips.

At MD TLC™, our approach is to produce a natural looking result that makes your lips look plump and youthful, and luscious feeling. Whether you have lost lip volume over time due to the aging process, or have always had naturally thin lips and just want to pump up the volume, Dr. Quibell has helped thousands of patients like you to rejuvenate their appearance.

Make sure your lips are saying all the right things and schedule a consultation at MD TLC™.

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