How does MD TLC™ remove unwanted hair?

Here at MD TLC™, we perform laser hair reduction in a medical setting for unwanted hair on the body. By utilizing prescription numbing creams and topical steroids, this allows you to have the most comfortable treatment with no downtime.

Laser hair reduction is a fast, comfortable series of treatments typically resulting in significant hair reduction. It is safe on most skin types and effective for most hair colors (except white and red hair). We have 5 state of the art devices for laser hair removal that allow us to choose the best wavelength to target your hair without damaging the skin.

Photo of unwanted hair on a woman's leg

Why choose laser hair removal at MD TLC™?

Laser hair reduction utilizes light that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming surrounding skin. This typically results in significant hair reduction. At MD TLC™ we have over 5 state-of-the-art devices for this procedure allowing us to treat most skin types. We will choose the best device for optimal treatment of your hair and skin type. We use prescription topical anesthetic agents and post-care so that you will have a comfortable and effective treatment.

What Causes Excess Unwanted Hair?

Body and facial hair are caused by the concentration of androgens in our systems. Androgens are hormones; the more our body produces, the more hair we develop. Typically, androgen concentration increases after puberty, and some of us are unfortunate enough to grow a lot of excess hair once these hormones come into play. While little can be done about your natural hormonal balance, unwanted hair can be removed and kept off your body with laser hair removal.

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Unwanted hair doesn’t have to be a pain to deal with. Our laser hair reduction treatments can eliminate hair quickly, giving you silky-smooth results without hassle! Learn more about this treatment by filling out and submitting the schedule form below or calling our office at (781) 431-0002.

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