Flo Goshgarian

Flo Goshgarian

As President and Owner of MD TLC™, Flo Goshgarian takes great pride in representing my company with world-class physicians. Before she started her business, she described herself as a “professional patient” due to suffering from many serious medical issues. Today, Flo is a professional entrepreneur and the proud owner of MD TLC™.

She carved out this business based on the intellect of Dr. Dianne Quibell, and Flo’s infinite passion for the concept, “if you look good, you feel good!” Flo only purchases the best equipment from the leading manufacturers in the laser industry and aesthetic technologies. She also enjoys educating and inspiring other physicians internationally to expand their practice by offering aesthetic services.

Flo named the company MD TLC™ because Dr. Quibell has always given “tender loving care” to all of her patients both medically and aesthetically. They both created this business based on a practice dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical aesthetic procedures in a professional and comfortable environment.

Dr. Quibell has been her personal physician for over 20 years. Dianne has held her hand through serious conditions such as a hangman’s fracture and cancer, and even attended to every line on her face! Flo is proud of MD TLC™’s expert clinical staff that provides quality service, as well as establishing interactive relationships with patients.

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