How does MD TLC™ treat double chin?

Have you ever cringed when seeing a photo of yourself because of your double chin? Excess fat underneath the chin can make us feel older, heavier and less attractive. It’s especially bothersome when this issue shows up even more in photographs.

At MD TLC™ we understand this concern. Dr. Quibell has years of experience successfully treating the chin area in her patients. Our offices have the latest technology available to help tighten and contour the jawline for a smooth and defined appearance. Our treatments include:

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Why choose MD TLC™?

Dr. Quibell has gained recognition as a “laser mixologist.” If you’re seeking a laser treatment for facial or body concerns, shewill assess your present condition and objectives. She will then design a tailored plan by incorporating diverse lasers and tools to achieve your desired outcome. These individualized strategies are called Energy Blends, as they represent the unique concoction formulated by Dr. Quibell in collaboration with you!

What causes double chin?

Also known as submental fat, this unwanted fullness is an embarrassing issue for both men and women alike, and since it is often genetic, it can be difficult to address through diet and exercise alone. Oftentimes, regardless of how healthy and trim someone is, they may still struggle with a double chin.

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