What is Extreme Microbial Technology?

MD TLC™ is proud to be housed in one of the cleanest facilities in Wellesley, MA. Our dedication toward keeping a clean atmosphere for our clients includes advanced measures such as the investment in professional-grade Air and Surface Purification technology. Our Extreme Microbial device employs a third-generation PhotoCatalyticOxidation (PCO) system that is designed by NASA to reduce 99.9% of visible organisms. This system ensures an environment free of bacterial and viral contamination. When you visit our center, you can rest assured that your treatments are being delivered in a clean and safe environment.

How Does Extreme Microbial Technology Work?

Devices created by Extreme Microbial Technology take a proactive approach toward air purification. They first utilize a six metal-coated catalyst cell to bounce light wavelengths. This process forces the creation of High Energy Clusters (HECs) and Advanced Oxidizers. These substances seek out and attack microbes throughout the environment, cleaning the surrounding air and delivering exceptional results.

How Will This Protect Me From Infection?

Extreme Microbial Technology is the leader in decontamination and purification in the food industry, and now its devices are being utilized in centers across the nation to ensure public safety. The devices available at MD TLC™ have been successfully tested and have previously proven to be effective in the evaporation of the H1N1 virus and various strains of the flu. This technology will keep you safe during your visit by proactively, continuously, and effectively scanning and cleansing the air around you.

Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority

At MD TLC™, our main priority is to provide you with the best and safest treatments in Massachusetts. This goal extends beyond medical best practices and encompasses our center as well. When you visit us for injectables, medical esthetics, or any other service, you can feel at ease knowing that your health is in our capable hands. To request an appointment, please call (781) 431-0002 or fill out the form below.

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An Appointment

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Please note: If you are a first-time patient at MD TLC™, we have you come in for an initial consultation. This is a great one-on-one with Dr. Quibell where she’ll recommend services and treatments to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Initial consultations are $100, but that amount will be applied towards your treatment.


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